2018/1 Essential Characteristics And Market Of The Creative Industries’ Product

Author: Vl. Borisova


The paper explores the essence and the market of the creative industries’ product. It brings out the product’s specifics as a creative product through a etailed study of the characteristics of intellectual property objects as intangible assets and the necessity for their valuation for business purposes. The study clarifies the relationship between creative product and innovation product by putting the creative product in the place of the economic resources for the development of innovation activities in creative industries’ enterprises. For this purpose, the economic aspects of the creative product and its types are derived. A comparative analysis is carried out in order to identify the main features and differences between the creative product and the innovation product of the creative industries. The role of the creative product as a classification criterion in the creative industries’ system is revisited. The basic prerequisites for the formation, the characteristics and the principles of the creative products market functioning, as well as its types, are presented. The characteristics of the market realization of the creative product are systematized. By means of a comparative analysis with the traditional marketing mix, is studied the marketing model of the 4 ‘C’, which is applicable to creative products, is studied.

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