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2018/1 Social Enterpreneurship And Digital Technologies

Author: Hristo Prodanov Abstract This paper considers one of the most recent developments in the field of alternative and innovative economic strategies, known as “social entrepreneurship”. Its aim in this regard is to examine new ways to overcome the social gap that according to the World Economic Forum is widening …

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2018/1 Essential Characteristics And Market Of The Creative Industries’ Product

Author: Vl. Borisova Abstract The paper explores the essence and the market of the creative industries’ product. It brings out the product’s specifics as a creative product through a etailed study of the characteristics of intellectual property objects as intangible assets and the necessity for their valuation for business purposes. …

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2018/1 The Controversial Behavior Of Romanian Consumers Regarding The Safety Of Flu Shot Immunization

Authors: Luiela Magdalena Csorba, Valentin Burca, Sergiu Rusu Abstract Nowadays effectiveness, safety and security of vaccines are widely used terms, giving birth to controversies regarding the efficiency and risks of the recommended immunization. The paper analyses the Romanian population’s behaviour regarding immunization against flu, from the consumer protection point of …

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