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2018/1 The Analysis of Export Drivers and Impediments Using Extended Gravity Model (The Case of Georgia)

Authors: Nino Papachashvili, Lela Jamagidze, Nino Melitauri Abstract The goal of the present paper is to examine the drivers and impediments of Georgia’s exports to 33 Free Trade and Preferential partner countries during the 2000-2015 period and make trade policy recommendations. The analysis relies on the extended gravity model of …

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2018/1 Saving, Investment and Growth in India: Evidence from Cointegration and Causality Tests

Authors: Inder Sekhar Yadav, Phanindra Goyari, R. K. Mishra Abstract This study examines the long-run equilibrium relationship between real domestic saving, investment and growth and tests the null hypothesis of non-causality between these variables in India during 1951-2015. The cointegration tests confirmed the existence of a long-run equilibrium relationship between …

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2018/1 Manoilescu’s Approach of „Losses of Trade“: a Ricardian Interpretation

Authors: Nikolay Nenovsky, Dominique Torre Abstract This paper contributes to a testament of the conclusions of Manoilescu, the validity of which we test analytically. We develop a model proving that the Manoilescu assumption can be integrated into a Ricardian setting. We find that in some cases, traditional domestic sectors should …

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