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2018/1 How Income Inequality Affects Voter Turnout

Author: Deniz Guvercin Abstract Determinants of voter turnout have been extensively researched for years. However, there are few studies that explore the link between inequality and voter turnout in all dimensions. There has been sufficient empirical research reporting that income inequality affects negatively voter turnout. This study brings new insight …

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2018/1 Gender Differences in Life Expectancy with Chronic Disease at Old Age in Bulgaria

Author: Mariana Mourgova Abstract Life expectancy at all ages, including old age, is increasing. The increase in old age life expectancy is quite often accompanied by an increase in the years lived in bad health, mainly due to chronic diseases. The present article aims at measuring the gender differences in …

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2018/1 Gender, Feminist and Heterodox Economics: Interconnections and Differences in a Historical Perspective

Author: Giandomenica Becchio Abstract Despite being interconnected, feminist and gender economics are different. Gender economics represents the application of neoclassical economics to economic issues  related to gender, following a neoclassical  methodological approach a la Becker that  was developed in the New Home Economics.  Feminist economics rejects neoclassical  economics and it …

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