Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gergana GEORGIEVA

Associate Professor at Faculty of History, University of Veliko Turnovo

Academic degree

Dissertation title: Administrative Structure and Government in Rumelia During Sultan Mahmud IIs Reign, 1808-1839
Institute of Balkan Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2006

Awards and Scholarships

ARCS Residential Fellowship for Southeast European Scholars, American Research
Center in Sofia, 2015

ARCS Visiting Grant for participation at The 13th International Congress on Ottoman
Social and Economic History at Alcala de Henares, Spain, 2013

Gipson Fellowship by the American Research Center in Sofia held in American
Research Institute in Turkey Istanbul, 15 September-15 December 2012

Mellon Foundation/American Research Institute in Turkey Fellowships for Research in
Turkey for Central and East European Scholars, 2007-2008 academic year

EUME fellow Europe in the Middle East, the Middle East in Europe Program at the
Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin, 2007-2008 academic year

Visiting PhD student at the Center for Oriental Languages and Cultures, Heidelberg
University, Germany, 20 April 20 May 2004

Regional fellow at New Europe College (Center for Advanced Studies), Bucharest,
Romania, 2003-2004 academic year

Visiting PhD student at Bilkent University, Ankara, March April 2003

Central European Universitys scholarship, 1997-1998 academic year

Annual Scholarship for High Academic Achievements, Open Society Foundation,
Bulgaria, 1995-1996 academic year

Research areas

Social and economic history of the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire (urban economy; professional profile and crafts in Balkan cities, financial status of certain social groups); Ottoman imperial rule and administrative organization; relations between the centre and the provinces

Selected Publications

One monograph and 36 chapters of books, articles, reviews; 5 books editing


  1. Arbanassi in 15th 19th Centuries: Socio-Economic Profile. Varna, 2014, 190 p.



  1. General Data about the Demographic, Social and Economic Structure of Gabrovo in the 1840s. According to Ottoman Documents. In: Proceedings of the Museum of Gabrovo, vol. 3 (19 pages, forthcoming).

  2. Tryavna in the Mid-Nineteenth Century. In: Collection in Honor of Prof. Iv. Tyutyundzhiev (22 pages, forthcoming).

  3. Financial Status of Rural Priests in the Region of Turnovo in the 19th Century (17 pages, forthcoming).

  4. Urban Structure of the Towns in the Bulgarian Lands in the 1870s According to the Ottoman Yearbooks (Salnames). Proceedings of the National Archives, vol. 106 (2016), p. 136-191 [In Bulgarian].

  5. Varna in the Mid-Nineteenth Century According to an Ottoman Defter. In: Varna, the Bulgarians, and Bulgarian Towns. Settlement Studies about the National Revival. Studia in Memoriam Velko Tonev. Ed. I. Russev. Varna, 2016, 59-80 [In Bulgarian].

  6. The Rich in the Eighteen and Nineteenth-Century Arbanassi: Networks of Prosperity. In: Wealth in the Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Balkans. A Socio-Economic History. Evguenia Davidova, ed. NY: Taurus Press, 2015, pp. 137-149.

  7. The Economic Development of a Sub-Balkan Town in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Lyaskovets. In: Proceedings of the Regional Museum of Gabrovo, vol. 2 (2014). V. Turnovo, 2015, 209-226 [In Bulgarian].

  8. The Standard of Living of the Inhabitants of Arbanassi in the 19th Century. In: Standards of Everyday Life in the Middle Ages and Modern Times. Vol. 3. V. Turnovo, 2014, p. 428-435.

  9. Vidin in the Mid-Nineteenth Century According to Temettuat Defters. In: Bulgaria, Bulgarians, and Europe. V. Turnovo, 2013, . 125-142 [In Bulgarian].

  10. Temmetuat Defters as a Source for History of Shumen. In: Proceedings from the Second National Conference in Archeology, History, and Cultural Tourism, Shumen, 14-16 May 2010. Shumen, 2011, 531-542 [In Bulgarian].


  1. , . XVII XVIII . [Parveva, St. Land and People. Reclamation and Organization of the Agrarian and Social Space in the Central and Southern Balkans unde the Ottoman Rule]. Sofia, 2011. Etudesbalkaniques, 2 (2016), 365-373.



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Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Member of CEHR

Associate Professor at :

Faculty of History

University of Veliko Turnovo

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