About CEHR

The Center for Economic and History Research (CEHR) is a non-profit organization registered in Sofia City Court on December 18, 2015.

About Centre

The Center for Economic and History Research (CEHR) is a non-profit organization registered in Sofia City Court on December 18, 2015.

Its founders are experts in economic history and history of Bulgaria – scientists and academics from several leading Bulgarian universities and research centers:

University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria
University of Economics – Varna, Bulgaria
“St Cyril and St Methodius University” – Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – – Sofia, Bulgaria
Academy of Economics “Dimitar Tzenov”- Svishtov, Bulgaria
International Business School in Botevgrad, Bulgaria
Historical museum “Iskra” – Kazanlak, Bulgaria

The Center is open to new members – scientists devoted to the economic and historical issues.


Mission and Goals

Our mission is to conduct and disseminate high quality research and analysis related on economic issues in economic history, history of Bulgaria and the history of economic theory that require innovative and impactful-oriented answers from the academic community.
In fulfillment of our mission we set some basic goals and are guided by values that inform how we act and what decisions we make.


Our Goals

To organize and conduct periodically scientific forums (conferences) on which to present the latest research in economic history and history of economic theories.

To publish our scientific periodicals, which is soon to be referenced by international standards.

To support the preparation of a Bibliography of Bulgarian economic and historical literature which includes both publications of Bulgarian and foreign authors on the problems of Bulgarian economic history and those of Bulgarian authors, dedicated to world economic history.

To assist in writing a comprehensive Economic History of Bulgaria.


Our Values

Cooperation: We believe in the power of the collective and We are working better together. We support, negotiate, build consensus, and give everyone the opportunity to define and achieve common goals.

Continuous learning:We believe that individuals and institutions should tirelessly to seek new information and bold ways to apply what they have learned.

Innovation:We believe that creative approaches generate new solutions and profound impact.

Respect: We respect the past and the present in which we operate. We respect those with whom we work. We value diversity of people and thought.


of the structure and activity

Chapter One. GENERAL

Article 1. (1) This Statute governs the basics of the structure and activities of the Center for Economic and HistorY research, called hereinafter Center.
(2) The Centre is built as a non-profit, non-governmental organization operating in the public interest. The center is inter-university network at national level by its founders lecturers in: University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” , Academy of Economics “Dimitar Tzenov”- Svishtov, University of Economics – Varna.
(3) The name the Center is “Center for economic and historical research”, in English: Centre for Economic History Research
(4) The seat of the Centre is: Republic of Bulgaria, , Sofia City, Sofia Municipality, area “Student”, Studentski Grad, bul. “Hristo Botev”, University of National and World Economy, 3rd floor, room 3042.
(5) The Centre keep correspondence and other documentation.
(6) The Centre shall keep records of income and expenditure and has bank accounts in lev and currency.


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As an independent non-profit organization Center for economic and historical studies (CEHR) is financed entirely outside the national university network and receives its financial support through:

  • Membership fee;
  • Funds received from participation in national and international research and educational projects and programs;
  • Targeted donations and sponsorships from individuals and juridical persons from home and abroad, by the state and municipalities, including target transferred funds from government bodies, businesses, foundations and others organizations;
  • Revenues from consulting activities;
  • Advertising.

Sponsors and Partners

Become our partner, sponsor or follower!

To realize our mission, our projects and objectives we rely on gatherings of members of CEHR membership fees, external financing and sponsorship of individuals and organizations who share our ideas and support us.

There are several specific ways that you can support our operations and the development of CEHR:

By making a donation, according to your possibilities, financial resources and become our donors;

By becoming our regular, longtime partner, which makes small monthly donations to CEHR;

By becoming our corporate sponsor who finance our projects and initiatives and / or provides us free of charge – once or permanently – premises, equipment and materials;

By taking the cost of our specific activities (research, travel, scientific congresses and conferences, rental halls, issuing scientific literature) and / or providing us with free access to the products and services you offer;

By becoming our advertiser and / or sponsor of our scientific editions;

By assigning a management contract (and / or execution) realization of funded by you programs and activities in areas where we have experts and experience.

We invite you to a meeting to decide together how and why to cooperate !

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