CEHR Activities

Scientific Events

The Centre for Economic and Historical Researches (CEHR) aims at serving as platform for development of research and educational programs for the Centre’s members, and for Bulgarian and other researchers. For this purpose, the Centre host and organize different scientific events – workshops, seminars, conferences, etc., providing an opportunity for economists and historians to exchange experiences, ideas, and to discuss problems in formal and informal ambience.

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One of our primary activities and part of our mission is to edit and publish referenced journals and other publications, such as Annual journal of CEHR, and Bibliography on the Bulgarian Economic History.

Annual journal

(Forthcoming edition)
The Annual journal of CEHR is periodic edition which aims at publishing articles and papers of CEHRS’s members, as well as other researchers interested in Economic History and History of Economic Theory. All texts submitted for publication will be approved by editorial board. The structure and the edition of CEHRS’ Annual journal are in accordance with referenced journal requirements.

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(Forthcoming edition)
The Bibliography of the Bulgarian Economic History is edition of the Centre for Economic and Historical Researches. It contains detailed list of publications of Economic History written by Bulgarian and other authors from the beginning of the 19th century until nowadays, divided by topics.

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The Centre for Economic and Historical Researches (CEHR) is providing support and strategic guidance to its members for research and other academic endeavors in the following fields:

– Economic History of Bulgaria
– Economic History of the Balkans – historical and economic development of the Balkan peoples and lands
– Economic History of the World
– History of Economic Theory
– Development of Economic and Historical Thought – historiographical approaches


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Useful Links

On this page you will find links to sites, renowned editions on economics, and publications, encyclopedias, bibliographies, databases and other Internet resources related to Economics and Economic History.


Digital library of CEHR

Here you will find publications of Economic History and History of Economic Thought divided in several sub-categories.


The Economic History Association (En)

The Economic History Association provides wide range of Internet-based services to economists, historians, sociologists and the public. It contains summaries, reviews, collections of syllabi, encyclopedias of Economic and Business History, several databases as well as many links to other websites related with Economic History.


The European Society for the History of Economic Thought (En)

This website provides access to researches and publications in the field of History of Economic Thought in Europe, exchange of ideas among European academic staff and researchers, innovative methods in teaching History of Economic Thought.


Monetary Research Center (En)

This website contains articles, discussions and reviews in the field of Monetary Theory, History and Politics.


Economic library (En)

This website provides online access to books and essays on Economics, videos and video debates of economists, articles and reviews on current, historical and educational issues.

International Economic History Association (En)