25 – 26 September 2020, Veliko Turnovo


Dear Colleagues,

The Faculty of History, at the University of Veliko Turnovo and the Centre for Economic History Research (CEHR) are kindly inviting you to attend the scientific conference “Markets, Society, Power”, which will be held at the University of Veliko Turnovo between 25th and 26th September 2020.

The topic focuses on the link between markets, society and power. One of the major problems in economic life is the relationship between markets and government. On the one hand, the state / power may and can create favorable conditions for the prosperity of the markets, but on the other hand, the state / power often hinders free trade. Focusing research efforts on this broad problem could shed light on the main trends in Bulgaria’s economic history and explain its successes and failures.

The conference is open to historians, economists, sociologists and more. You can submit a report of up to 15 minutes. The attendance of the conference and the presentation of the report are mandatory due to the procedure of reviewing the subsequent publication.


The working languages of the conference will be Bulgarian and English.


The Organizing Committee aims to publish the papers as the Fifth volume of the Proceedings of CEHR. Since it will be referenced edition, the participants in the conference have to submit their texts in accordance with the following requirements:

  • To include abstract in English after the title of the text (150-300 words);
  • To add key words in English after the abstract;
  • To indicate JEL classification. For details see here;
  • To insert pictures, tables, diagrams and sketches (if applicable) in the text with numbers and annotations;
  • To cite archival sources in footnotes;
  • To use Harvard short reference system when citing information sources (see here);
  • To use Streamlined System for transliteration when citing in Cyrillic (see here).



The deadline for submissions of proposals is 1 July 2020. The proposals must include short abstract, which should not exceed 150 words. Applications should be submitted on CEHR’s site: (https://csii.bg/en/regform-en/)

or to be sent to: cehr.conference@gmail.com


All participants in the conference need to cover their own expenses during their stay in Veliko Turnovo.


Additional information for the conference will be provided on CEHR’s web-site: (https://csii.bg/en/home-en/)



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gergana Georgieva

Chair of the Organizing Committee